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Dental Fillings Southborough MA

Dental Fillings | Even if you brush and floss daily, your teeth can still develop decay. Poor eating habits can cause plaque and tartar to develop, leading to cavities. When you develop a cavity, the dentist often fixes it with a dental filling. A dentist uses various materials to fill in the space caused by the decay. A filling stops the decay from getting worse. Sometimes people develop cavities and don’t even realize it. Don’t wait too long to treat your decay or you could end up losing your tooth and developing other oral health issues. Schedule an appointment with Southborough Dental Partners and see if you could benefit from a filling.

dental fillings southborough maThe Process

Placing a filling involves several steps. The dentist may numb the area around the affected tooth so the process is pain-free. The dentist will then use a drill to cut through the tooth and remove all decay. The space is then prepared for the filling. 

For certain fillings, the tooth may be etched first. A special light may be used to harden the material and make it as strong as possible. Once the filling is placed, the dentist will polish the tooth.

In some cases, a crown may be needed. A crown can protect the tooth if it is fractured or severely decayed. A root canal may be needed if the decay has reached the nerve. To keep the nerve alive, pulp capping may be recommended. 

Types of Dental Fillings

  • Porcelain. Porcelain is one of the most expensive options for fillings. However, they offer a natural look and cover most of the tooth. They can be color-matched to match your other teeth. They are also highly resistant to staining. Porcelain fillings are created in a lab and bonded to the teeth. 
  • Gold. Gold fillings are also on the high end in terms of cost. They are also lab-created and bonded to the tooth. Many people choose gold because they are well-tolerated and can last 20 years with proper care. However, they are highly noticeable.
  • Silver. Also called amalgam fillings, silver fillings are the least expensive and do not wear down easily. However, they are highly noticeable, and as such, are often used on back teeth. 
  • Composite. Composite fillings, like porcelain, offer a natural look. They are made of plastic and can match the color of your teeth. The ingredients are mixed and placed in the cavity, where they harden. Composite fillings tend to chip over time, however, and do not work well for larger cavities. They also do not last as long and tend to stain easily. 

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You can keep a decaying tooth from getting worse by getting a dental filling. There are several types of fillings to choose from. A consultation with a dentist can help you make the right choice.

If you have a cavity, only a dentist can tell you if it needs to be filled. Make an appointment with Southborough Dental Partners today. Call (508) 357-8800. We look forward to serving you.