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Dentures Southborough MA

If you are missing teeth, you can replace them with dentures. Dentures are fake teeth that can removed from the mouth. They are a good choice for those missing most of their teeth. If you are missing just a few teeth, you can opt for partial dentures or consider dental bridges or implants. Dentures can be a bit awkward at first. However, technology is making dentures more comfortable and realistic. If you are missing teeth, dentures can help in many ways. They allow you to eat your favorite foods. In addition, they allow you to smile and speak normally, so you no longer have to be self-conscious about your mouth. Also, the set helps prevent sagging, which can occur when there are no teeth to support your jaw. If you are missing teeth, you may benefit from this option. Southborough Dental Partners can help you understand your options. 

Dentures Southborough MATypes of Dentures

  • Conventionals. This is the most common type of denture. The teeth are removed and your mouth heals. This can take several months, and you will be without teeth during this time.
  • Immediates. This denture is convenient, as you are not without teeth. The dentist takes measurements before all the teeth are removed. Once they are removed, your denture is placed in your mouth right away. With this type of denture, you must come in multiple times for adjustments, as the bone reshapes as it heals.
  • Partials. Partials are an alternative to bridges. It involves metal framework that is attached to existing teeth. These are used when you need to replace a few teeth, not an entire mouth.


Removable mouth appliances require more care than natural teeth and other tooth replacement options. Be careful when handling them, as they are delicate. You should never let them dry out. If they are without water for too long, they can change shape, which will make them unwearable. When they’re not in your mouth, keep them in cool water. Hot water can warp them.

Brush your set daily. This will remove food particles and prevent staining. Before putting your set in your mouth, brush your tongue and gums as well. This helps with plaque removal.

If your set ever chip, break or crack, do not attempt to fix them on your own. This can cause them to become damaged even further. Consult with your dentist. Visit your dentist regularly. Dentures tend to loosen over time as the gums shrink due to age. Your set will need to be relined, rebased or even fully remade over time. Furthermore, expect your set to last 5-8 years with proper care.

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Dentures are a good choice for replacing multiple missing teeth. By choosing dentures, you are helping your mouth look and function at its best. If dental implants are out of your budget, consider dentures. There are several options to choose from. To learn, schedule a consultation with Southborough Dental Partners by calling (508) 357-8800. We look forward to serving you!